LOGLINE: A college kid is sentenced to house arrest, after committing a crime to impress a girl. He then decides to throw a house party, while his mom is away.

SUMMARY: DRAKE, a young urban guy attending college is smitten by TAMIKA, a popular young lady that dates jocks and refuses to entertain Drake’s advances, but Drake decides the best way to sway her is to pass illegal tender to drum up enough money to invite her out and impress her. Some how his plan goes awry and his scholarship and freedom are in jeopardy.

DRAKE is sequestered to the house and comes up with a scheme to get Tamika to come over, by planning a house party. His college buddies, FLIPSIDE and TRAVIS, join him in his quest to make this a party that no one will forget. Drake discovers that his mom, VANESSA used the mortgage money to pay for his lawyer and has to figure out how to repay her. Drake did not consider everything that could go wrong and why the party will be a life changing event for him.

Drake’s family, friends and neighbors have interesting personalities that are exhibited over the course of a
weekend. Neighbors, Judge, Police Officers and Parole Officer all appear to have it out for Drake, which forces Drake to pick a side.

Drake’s Mom leaving town paved the way for a weekend that will change his outlook on life and force him to grow up. He will decide what kind of man he will be.